Why "Momma Suz"?

“Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself” - CoCo Chanel


As you may have guessed by now - no, I am not a mother, yet.


At least not in the traditional sense.

Now, if you asked any of my friends or family, they would surely argue this. They would insist that I am, in fact, a mother. A mother of fur children, as well as the mother of the friend group. They would tell you I’ve got my priorities together, have a good ear for listening, and always seem to have band aids or iBuprofen on hand. Momma Suz is the go-to for most of my closest friends when referring to me by a nickname. There’s one more, but that’s for another time, maybe.

Suz - pretty self explanatory. Pronounced like "sooz", Suz is simply short for Susan. Growing up I was lovingly referred to as Susie Q by my immediate family. I can vividly recall a car ride with my mother and sister when I was very young, with the song "Wake Up Little Susie" by The Everly Brothers playing as I napped in the back seat, my mom singing along to the lyrics and directing them at me. As I got older, the term of endearment morphed into Suz. 


I’ve been known as Momma Suz since high school. I can’t recall the exact time or individual who graciously dubbed me with the famed nickname, but I’ll bet you it all stemmed from the role I played, and continue to hold, within my social circles.

I was raised in a fairly orderly home when it came to chores and household responsibilities. You DID NOT leave a dish in the sink if you were capable of washing it yourself. Oh no. I was also pretty organized as a teenager and rarely had a “messy” room [weird right?]. This trait then carried over into my school and overall social life. I was most often the designated driver for any after school activity, being deemed the “most responsible one” for making sure everyone got home safely. At parties, I was constantly the girl reminding everyone to clean up after themselves and forcing people to wash their hands. Now that I think about it, I’m surprised I even got invited to parties.


I was also somewhat forced to become the mothering type at an early age. Not forced by any authority, but more or less due to the circumstances of my life. My mother was diagnosed with a terminal illness when I was in elementary school. By the time I was in high school, I was doing the other half of the household duties while my amazing dad did everything he could to care for my mother, the love of his life, and me in our home. I like to think I embodied her and over time, I truly believe I have more and more.

At that time, I am POSITIVE I took my new nickname as an insult - what 16-year-old wants to be known as the mom of the friend group? Literally, so embarrassing.


But let’s fast forward 10 years - I’ve come to fully embrace this identity. A little more laid back, but still full mom mode (my friends seem to really appreciate it!). From Spring Break at PCB senior year of college to this past weekend, Momma Suz continues to make herself known. And let’s be real, who deserves your attention more than your momma?


With Love,

Momma Suz




Where'd you get your nickname?

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