Today's the Day!

Momma Suz here. I’m SO excited to officially start this journey of writing. I’ve been putting it off for quite some time as I constantly had an excuse. The most common one being that I simply was NOT A WRITER. Well, just like with anything from working out to eating healthy, I’ve gotta begin somewhere, right? So here I am, another mid-20s, God-fearing, wine-obsessed, young professional in Raleigh, North Carolina who’s starting today.

My goal for this blog is to build relationships with others through true transparency - from talking about real life situations and sharing honest opinions, to everyday fun and relatable topics - all with some sass thrown in. I plan on taking seemingly everyday events and tying them into the raw reality of just how non-basic many of us are, although our Instagram feeds might give the perception otherwise. This blog will be my way of connecting with people in a way I feel I lacked during vital periods in my life. It’s my hope to provide that support and connection to at least one other person.

And with that - I invite you to join me on this new and exciting journey of embracing who I am and who I’m becoming in this life. OH! Why the name, you ask? You’ll have to follow up next time for me to divulge those details. For now, welcome aboard the crazy train! Thank you in advance for checking out what I have to say. You may hate it, but I truly hope you enjoy it. And if my sass doesn’t keep you around, thennn I’m not sure I’d want you reading my blog anyway.

Just kidding - please read it.



Momma Suz