Happy Fall, Y'all!

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If you couldn’t guess from the pictures, I LOVE Fall.

No shame here, I’m pretty basic when it comes to Fall. If you’re a fan of the female comedian, Iliza Shlesinger, then you’ve probably watched her Netflix comedy special, Freezing Hot. If you haven’t, you should. She has a joke about how loving Fall is more or less a requirement of all basic girls. We can sense it - “as soon as a leaf drops somewhere in Connecticut, we feel it”.

Ain’t that the truth.

“The leaves change color and we lose. our. shit. Did you see the leaves!? They are dead. You are playing in the death.” Yep, that’s me.

From the chill in the air, the leaves on the ground, to pumpkin flavored everything, I’m obsessed. Autumn may be the final season of the year - but for me, I FLOURISH in the Fall. Anyone with me!?

Fall is full of so many wonderful things, so limiting myself to 10 favorite things about Fall was tough! I hope this list will put you in the Fall mood, if you aren’t already as excited as me, that is!

1. The weather -

I live for cool, sunny mornings that I can spend wrapped up in a blanket on the couch, on the porch, or in a sweater at the coffee shop down the street. There is just something about the breeze that comes with Fall; the crisp air, and the ability to not sweat through 3 outfits in one day. I can leave my windows open, cutting down on my power bill while bringing in some fresh air. You can snuggle under your comforter without suffocating. And my cats love being able to lay in front of the screen door and pretend to be the fearless bird hunters they think they are. Also, the amount of bugs decreases significantly, THANK YOU JESUS.

2. The clothes -

Leggings, a big comfy sweater, and boots. With all of the comfort food this season provides, stretchy pants and oversized tops are a must. I personally feel like I have a better Fall style than I do during other seasons, but I’m getting more versatile with the help of friends. The cooler weather also allows for layering, which I’m a big fan of. Give me a good pair of jeans, my close-toed wedges or boots, and a cute top with a vest, and I am sold.

3. The sports -

It’s football season! I grew up in a house where football wasn’t super popular, golf was. So when I went to college, a football team was a must. Now I’ve come to associate the start of football season with the start of Fall. I may not understand every aspect of the sport, but I enjoy getting together with friends and loved ones to yell at the TV and pretend I know what I’m talking about. Sports bring people together, and I think football is one everyone can get into on some level, even if it is just to talk about the food. I joined my first fantasy football league this year and I’m 1/3 since the season started. At least I can say I’m having fun playing?

4. The food -

What’s the first food you think about when cooler weather comes to town? For me, it’s soup. My specialty is chicken tortilla soup. I make this at least twice over the course of the season. Comfort food overall is my favorite type of food and Fall is full of warm, filling tasty foods. It’s also the season of Thanksgiving - the holiday where eating for 2 or 3 is expected and encouraged. Bring on the mashed potatoes, mac & cheese, ham, green beans, rolls, pies, and cookies!

5. The flavors -

Pumpkin spice. Or simply pumpkin flavor. You name it, I will at least give it a try. Probably. My favorites are of course, pumpkin spice lattes, then pumpkin muffins, pumpkin cookies, pumpkin cheesecake ice cream, and pumpkin bars. I always make pumpkin bars with SO MUCH butter and a layer of icing on top. Not the healthiest treat, but super tasty! Fall spices also include cinnamon, nutmeg, and clove. All of them warm, savory, and truly the flavors of Fall.

6. The scents -

If you’ve ever been inside Bath and Body Works, you know what I’m talking about. There are way more scents now than simply pumpkin spice. My go-to scent is the “Leaves” candle from BBW. I also love the Pumpkin Pecan Waffles candle and anything apple cider scented. I recently found a new favorite from Marshall’s, sea-salted pumpkin. They say your sense of smell is closely linked with your memory. I instantly get feelings of nostalgia when I smell these candles and think about all the wonderful things to come with the season of Fall.

7. The activities -

Speaking of nostalgia, going to a local pumpkin patch is a MUST for me during the month of October. A few of my closest friends and I have been visiting a local pumpkin patch as our “girl’s Fall day tradition” for going on 5 years. Since 2014 we’ve put on our most basic Fall outfits, gone to brunch, then headed to the pumpkin patch. And of course we ride the hay ride and get lost in the corn maze! We usually end the day by decorating our pumpkins and watching Halloween themed movies while drinking Fall inspired drinks. DON’T JUDGE US. :)

If you’re local to the Raleigh area, check out Page Farms in North Raleigh or Phillp’s Farms in Cary.

8. The decorations -

One of my favorite colors is orange (weird I know). Warm colors in general make me feel a great sense of comfort and calm. Even though the leaves changing colors technically means they are dying, I still find it intensely beautiful. My happy place tends to be anywhere that I am surrounded by these colors; shades of orange and red, yellow and gold, and even hues of blues and greens. My decorations have been up for a week in my apartment. I’ve got pumpkins, skulls, candles, orange lights, and yes, LEAVES. Fake ones of course. There’s also a cauldron of pumpkin pie and cookies and cream flavored M&Ms on the counter (and it’s taking a lot of self control not to eat them all). My friends always say my apartment feels super warm and homey when they come over and I’d have to agree. And have you ever been to the dollar section of Target or TJ MAXX/Marshall’s during this time of year!? Talk about decoration Heaven.

9. The events -

In North Carolina, the State Fair takes place every October for 10 days. I LIVE for the fair. I even plan out what food I’m going to try because otherwise I won’t be able to decide once I’m there. The rides aren’t really my thing, but the food, the exhibits, and people watching are more than enough for me. I love trying at least one of the new food items each year. A few years ago, there was a deep fried, peanut butter filled pickle. Of course I tried it, and I wouldn’t recommend it. Thankfully, everything I ate last year was a hit. I’m already salivating just thinking about buttered corn on the cob, deep fried snickers, and hot dogs. The countdown is on, 14 days until the gates open!

10. The holidays -

Fall is home to one of the best holidays - Halloween. I may not go all out every year, but I love Halloween (minus the haunted houses). I think it’s more about the movies, the stories, and the candy. Watching Hocus Pocus while eating Halloween candy is one of my favorite things to do in October. Then there’s Thanksgiving. While Thanksgiving is celebrated differently by every family, I’ve always looked forward to Thanksgiving as a day to intentionally give thanks for all my blessings in life. Especially now. I love coming together with a family of someone close to me, if I have the honor of being invited, and spending time talking about life and sharing memories over some yummy food.

Y’all excited yet??

I’m sure I probably missed so many other wonderful things about Fall. One last detail though - Fall is the beginning of the end of another year. So be sure to take some time and enjoy all this season has to offer. It will go by quick, and then we’ll have to wait another 9 months to break out the colorful decorations and light our “leaves” scented candle. Although, if you choose to have your house smell like Fall all year long, I’m not here to judge.

With Love,