Justice or Bust - My first attempt at blogging!


Today I stumbled upon a gem of a site that for a while, I forgot even existed. 

During the first year of my graduate program in social work at NC State (Go Wolfpack!!), we were required to create a social media presence on the topic of social justice and advocacy for a class. Well, we weren't required to start a blog and a twitter handle, buttt I chose to blog, finding this the better option versus finding articles and writing essays. NOPE. 

Thus, Justice or Bust was born. I wrote 10 entries on various topics, including the negative impact of social media use, status of the legalization of marijuana, the start of the celebrity scandal of nudes being leaked (y'all remember this, right!?), and my favorite and most relevant, the Death with Dignity Act. 

Brittany Maynard had sparked the debate about having a say in how you get to leave this world, especially if you've been diagnosed with a debilitating and terminal illness. With the support of her family and the supervision of a licensed physician, Brittany passed away peacefully surrounded by loved ones, on her own terms. After having both parents pass away and utilizing hospice services (which are a GOD SEND), I can speak for both my mom and dad when I say, we wish this would have been at least an option for them.

As of July 2018, there are 5 states with physician-assisted dying statutes, along with our nation's capital. My post about the Death with Dignity Act - titled "Dying with Dignity, What it really means to take control of your life" respectively, was also published in the local online social work magazine, Social Work Helper, back in 2014:



Okay, okay, I am getting OFF my soapbox now!! When the social worker in me comes out, I forget how passionate I can get when writing or speaking on topics that hit so close to home. I may have quit writing strictly about social justice after graduate school, but it is still such a relevant part of what I do for work every day. 

When comparing these two blogs, I will say my grammar has improved, albeit slightly, from that blog to this one [no judgement]. My viewpoint has expanded on SO many topics, and I'm literally not even sure I 100% agree with myself anymore when I re-read these posts (young, newly graduated, thinking I knew everything and was going to save the world, LOL!!). One thing I'm still working on, is getting better at expanding my writing to be more conversational and NOT so clinical and fact driven. Any tips and tricks for switching back and forth between more structured vs not so structured writing?? 

Here's to learning, growing, and sharing with others! Happy Wednesday! 

If you'd like to check it out, here is the link to Justice or Bust!



With Love,